Summer Seeds Kit

Get ready for a fruitful and sustainable summer with our summer seed kit! Consisting of 24 packs of heirloom seeds, this kit will provide you with a diverse and bountiful garden throughout the season. Our seeds are pure, and non-GMO, ensuring that your garden is clean and you can feel good about growing healthy and natural food for yourself and your loved ones.

But that's not all, our summer seed kit also includes a growing guide, planting and sowing timesheets, harvest instructions, and seed preservation information. So not only will you be able to plant your garden with ease, but you'll also be equipped with the knowledge to maintain and preserve your seeds for future use.

Best of all, you can use the seeds and re-store the seeds in your refrigerator for reuse, ensuring that your garden can continue to bloom year after year.

So why wait? Order your Summer Seed Kit today and get ready to enjoy the delicious and nutritious fruits from Nativity Seeds all summer!

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