Garden Cress Seeds

Garden cress seeds originate in Iran and spread to Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean basin. Known for its spicy taste and its aroma in many recipes from Persian cuisine. Rashad plant leaves are used to garnish foods such as pasta, sandwiches, while the tiny seeds are used in salads, soups and smoothies. Its seeds resemble mustard seeds and contain disinfectants such as mustard oils and sulfur. According to the Rambam, the use of mustard seeds helps the immune system to overcome pollutants and especially various bacteria it is known as an expectorant plant suitable for treating fevers symptoms. In addition, mustard seeds are known to stimulate blood circulation, in folk medicine it helps digestion and relieves stomach aches.

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Species Culinary Herbs
Scientific Name Lepidium sativum
Germination Period 4-10 days
Days till maturity 40-60
Sowing Depth 0.5 mm
Sowing Intervals 10-20 cm
Sowing Months January, February, March, April, September, October, November, December
Sowing Instructions

Rashad grows best in areas that receive full sun or partial shade with moist soils. Rashad is a very easy plant to grow. Garden beans can also be grown on a windowsill or in a container. Seeds can be planted by scattering them randomly or placing them in rows. Rashad requires organically rich soil and full sun in order to thrive. The seeds should be planted at a depth of 0.5 cm. Rows 10 cm apart.

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