Durability Garden

Seed set for survival garden
100% not GMO
100% heirloom seeds, pure open varieties, non-hybrid, patent-free, not chemically treated.
32 heritage varieties
Carefully selected fruit and vegetable seeds to provide maximum nutrition and flavor. Varieties that have been tested and are suitable for growing in the garden plots in your backyard, elevated flower beds, containers, aquaponics units and more

  • High germination rates
    Hot and cold season crops to provide you with a healthy diet all year round.
  • Ideal for long-term storage
  • Sealed in a Mylar bag that is resistant to light and moisture.
  • Instructions and a guide for growing vegetables
  • A guide to growing and preserving seeds, easy to use and loaded with information.
    Includes planting and sowing timesheets, harvest instructions and seed preservation information to help you turn your garden into a timeless food supply source.


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