Brandywine Tomato Seeds

Dating back to 1885, Brandywine tomato has a deep pink skin and smooth red meat, the taste is excellent and the lush red-pink fruit makes this breed especially endearing to many gardeners. 80 days. Recommended instructions: sowing: Select a full sunny sowing area Plan the amount of seeds according to 1 m² depending on the size of the area / vessel Number of seeds per square meter: 3-2 Sowing depth is twice the size of the seed, 1-0.5 cm deep Keep soil moist until germination. (Not too wet) Watering once a day to once every three days (depending on the season) It is recommended to use compost and organic nutrients and microbes. You can find more information on the website, good luck!
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Species Tomato
Scientific Name Solanum lycopersicum
Germination Period 8-14 days
Days till maturity 60
Sowing Depth 0.5 cm
Sowing Intervals 45 cm
Sowing Months March, April, May, June, July, August, September
Sowing Instructions

Prepare transplants. Tomatoes are sensitive to low temperatures, wait upon spring arrival when the soil has warmed to plant outdoors. Tomato plants must be supported it is necessary to trellises tomatoes, grow in full sun, using ground cover accelerates growth. 80 day for harvest.

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