Seeds Sprouts- Red Garnet Amaranth

The Red Garnet Amaranth is a beautiful sprout that has many uses! The Red Garnet Amaranth can be used as a sprouting seed, cooked green or allowed to flower for a dramatic display in the garden or grow it for grain! Some folks share this grain with the birds attracting beautiful buntings, goldfinches and other flying jewels. Time to Sprout: 3-6 Days
Tiny seeds - much more seeds compared to others.
It is recommended to grow on a coconut substrate or coconut leaves.
Please note - there are special tips and instructions below in the information.
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Species Microgreens
Germination Period 4-10 days
Days till maturity 20-30
Sowing Depth 0
Sowing Intervals 0
Sowing Months January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Sowing Instructions

How to grow tiny amaranth sprouts:

The amaranth seeds are tiny and may fall through the sprout holes.

It is recommended to germinate amaranth seeds on a growing medium, surface/coconut leaves.

Instructions for germinating amaranth sprouts:

Place the surface/coconut inside the sprout, on the bottom of the sprout, or in a similar bowl.

Wet the surface with water, until it reaches half the height of the vessel.

Sow the amaranth seeds on the surface evenly. Do not cover them, otherwise, they will grow mold.

It should be watered every other day.

You can continue to grow the amaranth sprouts on the surface, transfer them to a hydroponic system, or plant them in a planter with a coconut-growing medium.


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Another way to grow amaranth is the safe and easy way: sowing the seeds on a coconut growing medium, or in any planter with clean soil.

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