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Nim-Be is a natural and non-toxic preparation, which is extracted from the seeds of the Indian azadrake tree and is used to control the diseases in vegetable and flower crops. Nim-Be works both as an infection preventer (prophylactic) and as an exterminator and healer of existing infestations (curative). In addition, regular spraying achieves prevention and control of various leaf mites and aphids.

Benefits of Nim-Be:

  • Nim-Beintegrates with Bio-Bee's beneficial pest control.
  • Nim-Be has no residue and is very effective for use up to two days before picking.
  • Nim-Be is as effective as the chemical pesticides

Recommendations for use:

  • It is recommended to spray with a high spray volume.
  • It is recommended to ensure full coverage of the plant and good penetration into all parts of the landscape.
  • Care must be taken to mix the preparation in the sprayer from the moment it is prepared until the end of spraying.
  • It is recommended to spray Nim-Be in the cool morning hours or towards the evening.
  • It is advisable to start the spraying in the early growth stages, when the infestation is low or has not yet appeared.
  • The recommended dose for spraying Nimbi is 1%

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