Calla Aethiopica Bulbs

Elegant white blooms and long stems, they have bold blooms that last well in a vase. Most calla lilies need well-drained soils. In a warm climate the plant will be evergreen with abundant foliage throughout the year. In its natural habitat, calla likes to grow near or even in water. Cala is an ideal choice for moist soils with poor drainage where other plants will not grow. A white and festive flower, which has a prominent presence in the garden. A perennial plant will grow well in all types of soil. Especially beautiful, suitable for sun as well as partially shaded garden.

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Seeds in Garden Package 2
Species Flowers
Germination Period 4-10 days
Days till maturity 40-60
Sowing Depth 1-2 cm
Sowing Intervals 40 cm
Sowing Months January, February, March, April, September, October, November, December
Sowing Instructions

Dry soil should be watered to a depth of 15 cm. It should be raked and preferably manured well.
After planting - keep the soil moist. It is recommended to plant after the first rain and when the weather cools down.

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