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Melon variety are of the Cucumis melo species in the Cucurbitaceae family. Cantaloupes will cross-pollinate, so isolate 0.5 kilometer from other “melons” (cantaloupe, muskmelon, honeydew and snake melon).

You can direct seed melons or start plants indoors 2-3 weeks before the last rains after all danger of frost is gone before planting them outdoors. plant in rows 1-2 meters apart, Sow seeds 0.7-1 meter apart. Seeds should be planted 1 centimeter deep, place 3 seeds (germination on this verity is low about 60%), You may want to thin the seedlings as they grow. Melon seeds will germinate in 4-10 day and it will take 75-80 days for the fruit to mature.

Melons are a wet fruited crop and needs to go through wet Processing to dry the seeds; Wet fruited crops, like melons, need to be separated from their flesh and pulp before the seeds are dried. Melon fruits are harvested when fruit are ripe for eating. Let seed dry for 2 month in a cool, dry and dark room or closet.



Melons were bred and developed in Africa and Asia, the first evidence of the plant is from Egypt around 2400 BC. Melons were later introduced to Europe and, around 1890, became a commercial crop in the United States.


Sowing Instructions

Germination time: 4-10 days
Sowing depth: 1 cm
Seed spacing: 80-90 cm
From sowing to harvest: 80-100 days
Minimum pot size: more than 8 liters