EM-Bukashi Biochar

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EM- Bukashi Biochar

Bacteria and fungi are helpful in mineral slow release, with the addition of biochar, to enrich the soil and compost.

Helps the plant in the processes of germination, root formation, growth, flowering, flowering, yield and fruit quality.


EM-Bukashi Biochar - A granular composition that contains beneficial bacteria and fungi in slow release.

EM - Bukashi Biochar - improves the physical, chemical and biological condition of the soil.

EM - Bukashi Biochar - helps speed up the composting process, prevents bad odors and enriches the compost with beneficial bacteria and fungi.


User manual:


In soil and pots


Fertilizes soils and creates a positive balance of microorganisms.

Contributes to the reduction of soil diseases.

Works enzymatically to make nutrient elements available to the plant.

Strengthens the root system and increases the plant's resistance to extreme climatic conditions and various stresses.

Improves water retention in the soil.


Application - add when preparing your soil add to perennial trees and plants, with addition of organic matter such as compost.


Flower beds in the vegetable garden: 1 kg per 10 square meters of soil, spread while preparing your soil. It is recommended to wait several days before sowing or planting.

Trees: Planting - Spread 50 grams (a handful) in the planting hole and mix with the soil. Existing trees - 250-500 grams / tree, depending on its size. 

Perennials: 100-200 g / plant, depending on its size. Dissolve in the area of ​​the dripps.

Lawns: 1 kg per 10 square meters of lawn. For application 1-2 times a year, sprinkle and water immediately after. Recommended timing - with the awakening of the grass in the spring, or in the summer in case of heat damage.

Poor soil or soil prone to disease: 1 kg per 10 square meters of land, twice a year.

Potted plants: 2% of the volume of the planting mixture. Mix well.

- 1 L. Flowerpot volume: 1 tablespoon Bukashi Biochar.

For larger pots: 1 tablespoon Bukashi Biochar per 1 liter of pot volume.

- In existing pots: 1 tablespoon per 5-liter pot. Be modest.

Recommended frequency: 1-2 times a year.


In the composter

  • Accelerates composting processes.
  • Contributes to fine compost and is rich in nutrients.
  • Prevents bad odors and decay processes that produce methane, ammonia and other toxins.
  • Suitable for any composter.
  • Very effective in closed composters and anaerobic processes.

Dedicated preparation for recycling using the Bukashi-compost method (see the compost category on this site).

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