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Nativity Seeds

Cucumbers will cross-pollinate, so isolate 0.5 kilometer from other cucumbers. Fruit for seeds should ripen past edible stage and begin to soften and turn yellow.

You can direct seed cucumber or start plants indoors 2-3 weeks before the last rains after all danger of frost is gone before planting them outdoors. plant in rows 1-2 meters apart, Sow seeds 50-70 centimeter apart. Seeds should be planted 1 centimeter deep, place 2 seeds, You may want to thin the seedlings as they grow. planted in rows you can encourage them to climb trellises.

cucumbers are ready for seeds when they are fully ripe, the color changes from green to yellow, harvest only when they are completely yellow (as in pic), and store in dark cool place until fruits are soft to the touch.


Sowing Instructions

Germination time: 5-10 days
Seeding depth: 8 mm
Seed spacing: 50-70 cm
From sowing to harvest: 55-70 days.
Minimum pot size: more than 5 liters