KF-30- Organic Liquid fertilizer

KF-30, a multi-purpose nourishing preparation that has been specially designed to nourish both the soil and plants in your garden. This organic solution is made with environmentally and human-friendly ingredients, making it safe for you, your family, and your plants.

One liter of KF-30 is enough to treat a 25-liter fertilizer tank, making it an affordable and efficient solution for your home garden. It can be used with drip irrigation or spraying systems.

KF-30 helps to maintain vitality, greenery, and blooms in your garden and lawn. It is designed to improve growth and contribute to the overall health and appearance of your home garden. This Fertilizer increases the absorption of minerals from the soil and enhances the plant's ability to use them.

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KF-30 is enriched with vegetable oils that help to stimulate the awakening process of deciduous trees after hibernation. It also contains vitamins that increase the action of cell division, promoting healthy growth in your plants.

This nourishing preparation contains available sugars, enzymes, and proteins from natural sources, which are essential for the development of micro-organism populations in soils and growing substrates. It also contains extractions from seaweed and concentrate from various wild plants.

KF-30 has been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture as an organic Fertilizer, ensuring that it meets the highest standards for organic gardening

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