Kapia Salsa Pepper Seeds

Sweet, flavourful cone-shaped kapia pepper, suitable for growing in open fields and greenhouse conditions. This pepper variety is very strong and productive, grows excellent in hot climates. These peppers are short and relatively wide with thick juicy walls. Salsa peppers have a very sweet flavour when mature red. Great for salads, grilling, salsa and pickling, for making sweet sauce and for grilling. Size 8 cm. Ripens from green to bright red. Very sweet taste. 72 days.

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Species Pepper
Scientific Name Capsicum annum
Germination Period 12-18 days
Days till maturity 70-85
Sowing Depth 8 mm
Sowing Intervals 40-50 cm
Sowing Months February, March, April, May, June, July, August
Sowing Instructions

Prepare transplants. Peppers are sensitive to low temperatures, wait for spring's arrival when the soil is warm to plant outdoors. Plant in full sun, and using ground cover could accelerate the growth process. Harvest in 80 days.

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