Lettuce Seed Preservation Bags

Lettuce seed preservation bags

Based on the principles of lettuce seeds preservation. When trying to grow more than one lettuce variety for seed reproduction.

The bags are based on a synthetic material that has microscopic holes allowing for an even airflow to the lettuce, Additionally, the seeds don't fall out of the bag and can be easily collected.


Preserving Lettuce seeds:

Lettuce has perfect flower (both male and female in the same flowers). Flowers can cross pollinate (using animals), as well as self-pollination of flowers. Lettuce seed preservation bags prevent pollinators, especially bees and flies to reach the blossoms, preventing them from transferring the pollen between different varieties. Allowing conservation of more than one variety of lettuce at a time.

‏20.00 ₪

Instructions for use:

When lettuce starts to blooms it shoots out flowering stalk pillar. When the first flower blooms place the seed preservation bag gently over the lettuce, make sure all the flowers are inside the bag and tie the bag at the bottom of the cover to the stalk. Reinforcing the lettuce with a tall pool may help.

Only after the plant has finished growing and is completely dry harvest the seeds, clean and store them for the next planting season.

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