Sabbatical Spaceship - Hebrew Children book

Hebrew Children Book about Jewish “shmita” (fallow) year

Counting begins from ... Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one .... Take Off !!!

A bunch of farmers come together and realize that in fact, perhaps they are not sure of how to correctly keep “shmita” in the way of our ancestors. Perplexed, they decide to go immediately to to the Stars in their solar spaceship. The seated wise old star, who shows them his ways more profound viewpoint of the secret Northern Sabbatical the lines of the Torah. during their journey they revealed a new way to ancient sabbatical all its splendor and simplicity.

What is the relationship between fallow, environment and of course the human community?

You are invited to a field trip with Rabbi Ilan and its astronauts farmers.

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Illustrated booklet with a story for all ages, and a bonus: an illuminating article on Sabbatical, story and essay ultimately offer up for public discussion in another way.

By: Talia Schneider; Illustrations: Dr. Emanuel Ben-Artzi

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