Nymix 45

Nymix 45, is an organic pesticide derived from the seeds of Indian hazelnut, also known as neem oil. Nymix 45 is specially formulated to control leaf aphids, tobacco moth aphids, and tunnel moths of citrus.

Nymix 45 is a safe and non-toxic solution that does not harm humans or animals, including bees and other beneficial insects. It acts as a powerful insecticide, repellent, and feeding deterrent. While it does not kill adult insects, it effectively targets larvae and nymphs during their developmental stages.

For optimal results, it is recommended not to spray more than two consecutive sprays. Additionally, before returning to the use of Nymix 45, two treatments should be applied with preparations from a different chemical group to control the same tumor-injury combination.

Each bottle of Nymix 45 contains 20 cc, making it an affordable and effective solution for your pest control needs. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and switch to Nymix 45 for safe and reliable pest control.




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