Hot Pepper Grow Seed Starter Kit

(Halafinio, habanero, Solero, Pedron)

Beautiful gift box, seed sprouting kit with growing instructions in Hebrew and English are packaged in a wonderful and sustainable gift for the gardeners. Every plant lover will be pleased.

The kit includes: a package of 4 Hot Pepper varieties, along with growing instructions in English and Hebrew, an illustrated planting and sowing table, organic planting soil mix and a degradable sowing tray made from recycled cardboard, KF nutriants, Nimex Organic pesticide.

For this seed kit we have hand-picked 4 unique exotic hot pepper varieties:

Jalapeno pepper - fruit in the shape of a cylindrical cone with a thick and juicy wall. Pepper is excellent in salsa, stuffed or pickled. Jalapeno pepper ripens early, it produces fruit a week before other varieties.

Habanero pepper - the plant has the highest level of uniformity and yield, produces lots of perfect and shiny little peppers. ( 220,000 SHU).

Solero pepper - This is a very hot pepper, the "ring of fire" ripens earlier than other varieties, and has a glossy sheen with a bright red color. A fertile and reliable plant. (Fruit 20,000 SHU).

Pedron pepper - a traditional variety from Spain named after the city where it was developed in Spain. Usually served in olive oil and sea salt as tapas.


Pepper originated in Mexico and has been part of a human diet since about 7,500 BC. When Christopher Columbus and his team arrived in the Caribbean, they were the first Europeans to come across a plant they called "Peppers" because they, like black pepper, have a pungent and sharp taste. The spread of peppers to Asia occurred through Portuguese merchants in the late 15th century. 

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