Bean Sprouting Seed Starter Kit

Beautiful gift box, seed sprouting kit with growing instructions in Hebrew and English are packaged in a wonderful and sustainable gift for the gardeners. Every plant lover will be pleased.

The kit includes: a package of 4 climbing bean varieties, along with growing instructions in English and Hebrew, an illustrated planting and sowing table, organic planting soil mix and a degradable sowing tray made from recycled cardboard.

For this seed kit we have picked 4 unique exotic bean varieties:

Bluehilda beans -Classic German heirloom breed. Beautiful pole bean, pods are blue-purple color.

Wonder Pole Beans -Introduced in 1877 and has been successful since. There are no better beans for cooking, or freezing, and the crop is huge. Harvest beans regularly as the pods grow.

Thai bean bean -Excellent Thai variety, with an exceptional crop. Excellent when steamed for a few minutes and can be eaten fresh in salads.

Cranberry Beans -Stunning bean, can be used fresh or dried. Beautiful as it is useful, pink and speckles pods that produce a heavy yield on healthy plants and taste that stand out on its own.



Beans are the most basic and important food source for mankind around the globe. Soups, salads, bean paste, and even puddings. You can eat the young crispy pods or their seeds, the beans come in all sizes and colors. The bean origin is found somewhere near Guatemala, but it migrated throughout North and South America before the arrival of the Europeans. 

Most of the green bean varieties that are currently grown commercially are Determinate shrub bean varieties. This is mainly because they are mechanically harvested. Climbing pole beans are still popular among home gardeners because people love the deep flavor of the beans. Climbing beans are grown throughout the season and therefore yield a larger harvest in the same amount of space.

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