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Vacuum Boxes For Seed Storage - Profresh 1L

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A vacuum box allows seeds to be kept cool, thus preserving seed life.
When removing seeds from cold storage (refrigerator), remove the box but do not open it immediately. Place the box somewhere until the box reaches room temperature (about 4 hours).
Rapid temperature changes won't hurt your seeds, but a quick temp change can cause moisture to condense inside your container, and it can be difficult to remove before you put your seeds away again. Letting it warm up naturally avoids this issue.

For this reason, it is advisable to arrange the seeds in boxes based on the planting season as it is useless to remove seeds for the spring season in September, they can be stored.

* Do Not Freez Seeds. Freezing seed with a moisture content higher than 10% can kill the seed
Categories: Gardening Supplies, Seed Conservation

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