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Originally an old English heirloom breed, arrived to Israel in the early 40s. Bright red color, very high quality juicy fruit, 5 cm in diameter with a very yielding crop. This variety grows well in hot and humid climates. Delicious. A rare variety producing huge amounts of fruit.

Categories: Our Favorites, Certified Organic Seeds, Vegetable seeds, Warm Season Crops, Traditional Heirloom, Holy Land Seeds
Seeds Per Package ≈40
Species Tomato
Scientific Name Lycopersicum esculentum
Germination Period 6-14 days
Days till maturity 70-85
Sowing Depth 8 mm
Sowing Intervals 40-50 cm
Sowing Months March, April, May, June, July, August
Sowing Instructions

Prepare transplants. Tomatoes are sensitive to low temperatures, wait upon spring arrival when the soil has warmed to plant outdoors. Tomato plants must be supported it is necessary to trellises tomatoes, grow in full sun, using ground cover accelerates growth. 80 day for harvest.

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