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Instructions For Growing & Processing Cucumber Seed

harel Jan 8, 2017 5:31:12 PM  0 Comment

Cucumbers will cross-pollinate, so isolate 0.5 kilometer from other cucumbers. Fruit for seeds should ripen past edible stage and begin to soften and turn yellow.

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Irrigation Guide

harel Jan 8, 2017 5:30:10 PM  0 Comment

Water is used for all biological processes in the plant cell, conveying food rich liquids through the phloem transport system of the plant. From the ground surrounding the plant's root system, minerals and nutrients are pumped by plant roots in a symbiotic process between bacteria, fungi and plant roots, where the plant provides a habitat suited for microorganisms.

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Integrated Vegetable Companion Growing Guide

harel Jan 8, 2017 5:29:13 PM  0 Comment

For a healthy and flourishing garden this guide will show you what vegetables and flowers support or inhibit the growth of other plants.

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Sowing Seeds For Your Garden

harel Jan 8, 2017 5:27:22 PM  0 Comment

Wether you are growing in a green house or direct seeding, this indepth guide will give you all the information you need.

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