Kibbutz Beit Alfa - ‘Hanka Lazarson’ 1946 journal (translated):

Damascus Cucumber To Bet Alfa Cucumber


Hanka Lazarson: “From our first step to Beit Alfa, we grew the Damascus cucumber in the spring and autumn. It tasted good, but uneven growth. The local population was a diverse types of fruit: long and short cylindrical neck, with grooves along the fruit, a considerable proportion of the fruit was white shell. In 1931 we started breeding this variety. Our first goal we to have set excessive uniformity of fruit shape, our studies showed that if the cavity space of the cucumber is greater relative to the thickness of the shell, it has a more juicy flavor and finer texture. In 1936 we started spreading the seeds of this cucumbers. Since then our work continues, breeding and keeping the variety strong. Every year we sow our best seed, from previous Dynasties, separately to excell last season crops. While growth observations are made and surveillance, to compare dynasties and their properties. Outstanding plants produce elite seeds for next year. The mother seeds we deliver to "Hzra" company for reproduction and distribution in the country and outside country.”


“Finally, I will mention our main objectives: productive variety, excellent taste and high yield, these indicate the type we called Bet Alfa Cucumber.