Nativity Seeds at the Farmers Market

Every Friday; 7:30-16:00; Tel-aviv Port Farmers Market


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Nativity Seeds at the Farmers Market

Nativity Seeds maintain and operate a stand at the Tel-aviv port farmers market, Israel, “Shuk Hanamal”. A place that encourages a discussion with farmers, asking questions and gaining knowledge. Various organization that promote ideology which seeks to produce slow food, clean and fair are integrated.

  •  The market is run by Michal Ansky- A food journalist and a television presenter. Judge in "Master Chef" ,and a leader in Media Food Program, And Shir Halpern Chef and food journalist. Graduate of the Cordon Blue in Paris.

We Offer at our stand all the Heirloom Seeds* available at our store; annual Transplants*, giving you a head start for your home garden; and Gardening Supplies* to keep your plants happy. as well as our local pure Honey* produced by our bee keeper.



Every Friday; 7:30-16:00

All seeds that are offered are open pollinated varieties, that haven't had any chemical treatment and are Non-GMOs. Guaranteed user friendly seed saving varieties.

Our Transplants are raised using only organic soil and fertilizers. Nativity Seeds provide growers who do not have the space, time or room to grow their own transplants from seeds. No pesticides, herbicides or chemical spray are used in the process. Our plugs and plants are grown using our own Heirloom Seed grown by our seed saving farmers.

Our honey products come from small boutique. Producing limited quantities of high quality honey and honeycomb with a full wax seal. Honey consumption directly from sealed comb ensures the highest honey quality, because the bees seals the honey with wax only when the honey is ripen, only then the quality of the honey is optimal. Honey production process is handmade without any industrializ processes to preserve the natural qualities of honey. The beehives are scattered across Israel, partly in the farmer youth village Ayanot, where Dr. Avi Ben Shimon, the beekeeper, has spent over a decade teaching and researching the bee's world.


Come to the farmers market and support our cause!

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