Tracer Ultra

Tracer Insecticide is a suspension concentrate containing 480 g/litre (44.03% w/w) spinosad. A selective insecticide for use in top fruit and field brassicas for the control of caterpillar pests and in allium crops for useful control of thrips.

Technical Specification: Spinosad

Tracer Insecticide is a naturally class of insect control.
The first product from naturalyte class with a unique mode of action that gives superior control of insect pests with excellent crop health.


  • Tracer insect control is based on the active ingredient Spinosad.
  • Tracer Insecticide is produced by the fermentation process from a soil actinomycete, Saccharopolyspora Spinosa, and possesses the effectiveness of conventional insecticide and the safety of biologicals. 
  • Tracer is the first product in a unique class of compounds called the naturalyte class. 
  • Spinosad has extremely favourable mammalian and non-target toxicology and environmental fate profile.
  • It acts as an acetylcholine receptor modulator by altering the acetylcholine receptor site and by disrupting binding.

Pests Controlled: Cotton Bollworm, Thrips, Fruit borer

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