Probit Organic Pesticide

Probit  contains the bacterial toxin inbacillus Thuringiensis (B.T).

The bacterium  is a hybrid product of two B.T strains - Korstaki and Izavi and therefore has a very wide range of activity and high pesticide efficiency.

The product has protection from UV rays and from rinsing the material from the sprayed leaves.

Probit does not harm natural enemies and pollinating bees.

Acts as a stomach poison, the insect larvae must eat the sprayed plants in order to be killed, larvae are more sensitive to the preparation as they are younger and smaller.

Shortly after the larvae feed on parts of a plant sprayed with provit, they stop eating and die after 1-4 days, depending on their size.

It is therefore important to apply in such a way as to achieve perfect coverage to the plant foliage (on both sides of the leaf).

Intended for the extermination of moth larvae such as: Prodania, Fluxia, Lapigma, Agrotis, Cabbage Moth and Halithis.



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