Granular- Bait For Fire Ant

Most effective forthe small fire ant

More details:

Granular is a new development, based on attractive bait and includes low-toxicity piperonyl for humans and animals, intended for dispersal in areas infected with ants outside the home, efficient and safe to use.

The bait is collected by working ants and transported into the nest where it will feed the queen, poison her and thereby eliminate the entire ant nest.

Results are expected from a few hours to a week from the date of scattering the bait.

Scattering should be done in places where ant activity has been seen (not mandatory in any area because the material is bait).
The product is suitable for the various types of ants, including the small fire ant, a small and stinging ant that is defined in the world as one of a hundred invasive species that are dangerous to the environment.

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