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EM-soil - improves soil
Probiotics - Bacteria and fungi are beneficial for enriching the plant and soil.
Helps and improves germination, root formation, growth and durability, flowering, germination and the creation of high quality fruit.

EM-soil - a microbiological preparation containing beneficial bacteria and fungi that have been isolated from the soil naturally.
EM-soil - contains a lot of trace elements and microorganisms that are necessary for the soil and the plant. The use of EM-soil will reduce the need for fertilization with various fertilizers.
EM-soil - creates in the soil an environment rich in nutrients that are available to the plant root system and also improves the plant's resistance to disease.

User manual:

Application by ingestion - Dilute 30 ml EM-soil in 10 liters of water and apply once every two weeks according to the following doses:

Pots and planters: 200 ml for a 4-liter pot.
Grass and cover plants, vegetable garden and herbs: 1 liter per 1 sq.m.
Fruit trees and ornamental trees: 4 liters per tree.
Foliage spray - on the plant leaf surface: spray for complete covering.


Garden Fertilizer Spreader - for a garden of 100 square meters - apply 300 ml of EM-soil once a week or two.

Dilute the preparation with water as needed and use the entire amount diluted as soon as possible.
Do not put material mixed with water for more than 2-3 days.

Hydroponics systems- add EM-soil in a ratio of 0.1% of the volume of water in the system, once a week.


EM-soil does not clog drips or filters.
The presence of organic matter in the soil increases the activity of the preparation.

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