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EM-crops - natural fertilizer

For the ornamental garden, the vegetable garden and lawn.

Encourages growth, increases flowering, improves fruit quality, strengthens roots and increases plant resistance to control and weeds. Rich in nitrogen, and potassium, plus trace elements.


EM-crops - a combination of natural fertilizer of plant origin, enriched with microorganisms.

EM-Crops - Suitable for fertilizing fruit trees, ornamental plants, lawns, houseplants, herbs and vegetable gardens.

Composition: nitrogen [N] 3%, phosphorus [P] 0.25%, potassium [K] 6.8%


User manual:

Application by ingestion - Dilute 100 ml EM-crops in 10 liters of water and apply once every two weeks according to the following doses:


Pots and planters: 100 ml for a 1 liter pot.

Vegetable garden: 1 liter per 1 sq.m.

Lawns: 10 liters per 25 square meters. It is recommended to spray after the winter, after a heavy rain.

Foliage spray - plant landscape: spray for complete covering.

Trees: Dilute 300 ml of EM fertilizer-crops in 10 liters of water and apply once a week or two according to the following doses:

Mature trees - 5 liters per tree.

Young trees - 1.5 liters per tree.


Fertilizer - for a garden of 100 sq.m. - apply 500 ml of EM-crops .


Dilute the preparation with water as needed and use the entire amount diluted as soon as possible.

Do not put material mixed with water for more than 2-3 days.


EM-Crops does not clog drips or filters.

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